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Mujer con audífonos Danavox charlando con otras mujeres en un bar

Hear and be heard

Powered by pioneering technology that has transformed the sound quality, functionality, and comfort of hearing aids, Danavox' hearing solutions let you hear and be heard.
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Losing your hearing shouldn’t mean losing your voice.
It’s a sad truth that people who struggle with untreated hearing loss often withdraw from challenging sound scenarios – avoiding conversations with friends and family, work colleagues and associates.

To these people, losing their hearing means much more than just hearing loss, it means losing their ‘voice’ too, as the difficulty in keeping-up with the conversation can eventually prove too much.
Danavox lets you hear and be heard

At Danavox we dedicate ourselves to finding better ways in which to help people with hearing loss remain a central part of life’s rich conversation, developing advanced technology that delivers better speech understanding - even in the most challenging environments, so that people with hearing loss will always hear and be heard.

Our hearing solutions

At Danavox, we aim to offer our Hearing Care Partners a comprehensive portfolio of hearing solutions that caters to the unique needs of many 

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